How to Connect Your HP Printer to Wi-Fi

As wireless method is widely preferred by most of the users today, let us know the steps in detail on how to connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi.

A good speed network connection is essential to setup any HP printer and print the documents. Connect your printer to the wired or wireless network connection. Start printing to get the printouts in good quality and speed and troubleshoot the network errors if you come across any.

How to Connect Your HP Printer to Wi-Fi

How to Connect Your HP Printer to Wi-Fi

To start with connect all the necessary cables and turn the device on. There are lot of methods to establish the wireless network connection

  • Wireless setup wizard
  • HP auto wireless connect

Wireless setup wizard – Go to the control panel of the printer and turn on the wireless icon. Visit the network menu and select the option, wireless setup wizard. Wait for some time and a list will appear with the available network names.

  • Power on the printer. Connect all the required cables and then verify the printer settings.
  • Choose the wireless network name from the list and type the credentials (username and password).
  • Carry on with the onscreen guide and the device will be automatically connected to the wireless network.
  • Once you connect to the wireless network the next step will prompt you to download the compatible software for your printer. Navigate to the respective webpage for the download.
  • We suggest the users to reset the printer if the errors remain

HP auto wireless connect – The feature is available on latest printer models. Use the option to connect the printer automatically to the network. Turn on the feature to get connected. Your computer must have the operating system of Windows Vista and Mac operating system. Ensure that the router you use meet the network requirements of 2.4GHZ.

Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve the Error

Do not worry if you come across errors during the wireless setup wizard. There are lot of troubleshooting tips available.

  • Make sure that the wireless feature is in on state. If not turn it on.
  • Ensure that you complete all the steps of the wireless setup wizard.
  • Establish a new network connection if the existing one is not working.
  • Most of the errors associated with the printer will resolve if you download and run the HP printer scan and doctor tool. Open the tool and tap on the scan button. This tool will help you to resolve most of the errors.
  • Disable all the firewall software on your printer

Get the assistance and guidance on how to connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi. Use the instructions available on our webpage Contact our support team by ringing the toll-free number +1-855-459-6030.

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